Friday, August 20, 2010

Pastels and Patterns

[This post was written on Wednesday, August 18; however, my computer stopped working so here it is late. Sorry All!!!]

Another lovely night (and morning) at work... To recap, I have now been working third shift at this baby formula factory for a week. My schedule has definitely changed, swapped sleeping and living hours around completely; It can still be difficult planning the day accordingly. No major complaints, just the one where I work in a room that gets no warmer than sixty degrees at any given point = my hands, nose, and backside are freezing cold all night long. I suppose if that's my only complaint, I should just toughen up. tehe

Twisted my ankle at work while walking down the stairs (Just My Luck) and bloodied my lip while wrestling around with my love yesterday.
Did I mention how utterly clumsy I am?! Doesn't help that I bruise easily either.
Just the price I must pay for being too rough on the body I've been given. ha

Sooooooo, it is slightly nerve-wrecking coming to the realization that classes start in just two days. Not only that, but I also have an assignment due by the first class. Trying to find time around work and sleep to take care of everything this past week has not been particularly enjoyable. I am going to need some sort of support to make it through this upcoming week. Wish Me Luck!


p.s. hoping to put up some of my own photos once i get a piece that broke off my camera replaced. sorry all.

Pieces I Love:

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