Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cuts and Ties

I apologize to anyone who may read this blog, for this is my first and I am no good at keeping up to date, but I will try my best. I mainly wish to express myself and listen to others do so as well.

To begin:
Cut the hair, tied to a new job... The beauties of another day in this life!
Going for a shaggy, Joan-Jett-via-Kristen-Stewart-esque, versatile style. Redying auburn in the morn.

While browsing online, a typical routine of mine, I stumbled upon a handful of inspiring blogs...
Hello Pretty    kandee the makeup artist    KARLA'S CLOSET
I recommend all fashion forward creative individuals to peek through their pages.

Well, my beau and I must start the process in preparing for work. Third-shift, working with baby formula at a factory in my area. Sadly, I cannot express my individual style while at work, as I must don an unattractive uniform. Atleast my love will be there to keep me company. Wish Us Luck!


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