Friday, August 13, 2010

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ThreadSence Classic Lace Dress in Nude

Simply cannot wait for my first, second, third, and so on's worth of paychecks... My mind wanders all over the pages of on a regular basis, desiring those particulars in which I cannot currently afford.
Job is going well; first time in my life working night shift, and although others find it unpleasant, I tend not to mind terribly much. The night breezes by for the most part as I get paid a pretty penny to simply stare at my beau from across the room... Who could possibly ask for more?
He and I are still young, so one can imagine all the ideas that come along with how to spend our money's worth. About 90% of mine includes clothing, as I am in utter need of a new and better wardrobe! tehe

Moving on...
Classes start back up in about a week and I am stoked, to say the least. Oh how I have resented taking a break from my drafting this summer semester; however, this upcoming semester will include two new challenges for me:
Taking classes online, rather than at a material school and
Working and attending college full time (Not to mention having a completely backwards schedule while working third shift)
I suppose I will have to wait things out to see if I will be able to handle it all.
Until then, Wish Me Luck!


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